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More Power than I Know

I read the story in the book of Luke today of Jesus and his disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee.  I came across a truth that I have overlooked as I’ve read this story in the past.  I think it’s a pretty important truth; one that speaks to me now more than ever.

In Luke 8, verse 25, I read:  He said to them, “Where is your faith?”  And they were afraid and they marveled , saying to one another, “Who then is this, that he commands even winds and water and they obey him?  Image

The disciples were in the boat with Jesus, the one they believed in and followed.  They believed in him as their Master and as the Son of God.  Yet, it seems that they had no idea of the magnitude of power that Jesus has, so they were living in fear.  Do you think they would have been so afraid if they really knew the power Jesus has?  Jesus has the power to calm winds, control waves, and end storms.  His disciples, those closest to him, were unaware of it and so they were very afraid.  

This is probably how things are today, too.  We know Jesus and we follow him and yet so many times we walk around in fear like we don’t know how powerful he can be in our lives.  We live defeated lives.  We think our circumstances are caving in on us, we think the wind and the rain will wreck us, and we think the waves will overcome us.  

I believe there is a different way to live.  I believe there is an empowered way for us to live, acknowledging and knowing the power Jesus has in our lives and over our circumstances and living boldly on account of that knowledge.  I believe I can stop worrying about circumstances that seem to be in control and follow Jesus and trust that his power is enough to overcome all circumstances.  

I’m sure I spend way too much time and brain energy worrying about circumstances when I should be resting in the knowledge that Jesus isn’t overwhelmed by those very same circumstances.  He’s faced the winds and the waves and came out victorious.  Maybe I’ll spend more energy and brain power on the promises that he has spoken over me and I’ll let the power of the Holy Spirit that is in me take care of the circumstances.